Take Back Your Health NOW! with Dr Dan Margolin

Why are we less healthy today? According to a 2015 Gallup poll, 53 percent of Americans work out at least a half an hour a day, which is the highest it’s ever been. The fitness industry is a leading industry amounting to $81.2 billion annually. Almost 45 percent of Americans claim they have gone organic, with that number as high as 53 percent in ages 18-29. Although Americans are trying very hard to be better and more healthy versions of themselves, why is our health worsening and healthcare costs skyrocketing? There has to be some sort of greater answer to this question. Modern medicine has eradicated diseases like tuberculosis and polio, but even with better cures, other disease states are becoming more prevalent. The Take Back Your Health NOW! Show seeks to find the answers to health's biggest questions and find the Holy Grail of health.
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Take Back Your Health NOW! with Dr Dan Margolin


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Feb 9, 2017

Linda Lagemann, Ph.D.was a clinical psychologist for 23 years and multi-award-winning professor (UCSF). She currently studies trends in psychiatry and psychology and their impact on public health. After observing the mental health field had become dominated by psychiatric labels and drugs that were doing more harm than help, she gave up practicing psychology and moved to DC to work on legislative reforms of the field.

Dr. Lagemann is a frequent guest on radio programs across the country and was featured in the independent film The Big Lie: American Addict 2. She writes about the current state of the mental health field and potential harmful emerging trends to watch out for.